Interview Questions

Self Introduction

I’m currently employed at TAS Service Ltd as a IT Support Officer for about 1 year. Since there is only one IT Support post in the company, I can have configuration and management experience in the infrastructure, networking and the experience of helpdesk support.

I studied Engineer in Hong Kong Community College before, but I withdrew after 1 year due to family reason. Now I’m studying a diploma of Computer and Information Security in HKU Space in part time. I’m targeting to finish it in two years and continue to study Bachelor Degree in future.

For my self, I’m interested in WEB Building. So I’m learning to build up a website at spare time. I’ve learnt basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have built up an portfolio website. In the future, I’m going to learn deeply in React and planning to learn some backend programming such as Python.


  • Willing to solve problems
    • It’s fulfilling to study in depth and find solution
  • Good in team communication
    • Can work well in a team


  • Being focus on one thing too much
    • Neglect the other things
    • Set reminder for myself
  • Lack of experience on MacOS
    • willing to find a way to solve the problems

What have been your achievements to date?

  • Setting up the whole firewall by self
  • Quite challenging since it is the first time to configure a firewall from the beginning

Are you happy with your career to date?

  • Yes
    • learn the basic technology of Windows
    • learn deeply in Windows, learn more about the IT equipment e.g. multi input multi out put of projector, learn more about helpdesk duty
    • learn the whole set up a company infrastructure, networking, web server, learn deeply about helpdesk duty

Why do you want to leave?

  • Want to move on to a larger size company environment
  • Want to be in touch of more technology
  • Want to have more challenge

Have Questions?

  • What is the culture of this department?
  • Are there opportunities for secondments to other states, overseas?
  • How does the position become available? Expansion or Replacement?
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