How to start Reactjs application with PM2 as a service (Linux & MacOS)

1. First install PM2 using any of these commands —

$ npm install [email protected] -g<br /># or<br />$ yarn global add pm2
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Remember to use option -g or global. You need to install it globally.

2. Once installation is done run below command –

$ pm2 list
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List command list down all the applications running under PM2. If your PM2 installation was successful then above command should display a output like this —

Since right now there is no running process under PM2, list is empty.

3. Now from command prompt navigate inside your project’s root folder and run below mentioned PM2 command.

$ pm2 start --name <strong><app name></strong> npm -- start
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I have a dummy dashboard reactjs project and I want to run that as a service using PM2. So I run this command from root folder of my reactjs project —

$ pm2 start --name myreactapp npm -- start


You can see once I ran that command PM2 started a service with name “dashboard”. And status of the process is “online”, that means my application already running, I can quickly test that from browser using localhost:3000 URL.

To stop the service use command —

$ pm2 stop <app name>
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To delete the service use command —

$ pm2 delete <app name>
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Please note that, this is a quick & simple way, but not the best way to schedule a service with PM2, kindly visit PM2 official site for more information.

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